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Carpet Cleaning


Connoisseur’s unique, customized “Multi-Method” approach to carpet cleaning insures the safest deepest, most effect cleaning available. We’ve learned long ago that no one method is right for every home or business. With our ability to use various extractors, scrubbers and modern safe cleaning solutions, there is no need to over use water pressure or strong solvents. Now slow drying and stiff or sticky carpeting is a thing of the past.

Residential and Commercial services

  • Eco friendly and baby safe cleaning agents and fabric protectors
  • An award winning attention to detail that can’t be beat!
  • mike pailliotet - sealAdoorPowerful truck mounted and portable extraction units and the very latest in low moisture technology
  • A thorough pre-vacuuming to remove as much dry soil as possible prior to wet cleaning. Edges too!
  • Fresh soft hot water rinse to leave your carpet and fabrics looking and feeling like new
  • Use of tarps, runners and corner guards to protect your wood and stone flooring as well as Seal-A-Door barriers to keep heat or cold out and kids and pets in.

30 Years Carpet Cleaning Experience (1)

30 years of fine tuning our carpet cleaning process lets Connoisseur deliver quick drying, soft fluffy carpet and beautiful bright colors!

Along with Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) Connoisseur is proud to offer Carson Valley and Tahoe residents and businesses the very latest in low moisture (Dry) cleaning
technology. Dry Compound, Bonnet or Encapsulation methods are all available. These systems are fantastic for low use/light soil areas in any home. If you have a business that needs frequent cleanings or touch ups, you’ll love our results.

Upholstery Cleaning

30 years of experience dealing with both the finest and toughest of fabrics.

Our cleaning process includes:upholstery cleaning

  • Professional “baby safe”, environmentally friendly cleaning agents designed specifically for today’s unique upholstery fibers
  • Thorough pre-vacuuming prior to wet or dry cleaning to remove dust, hair, sand and fine soils
  • Delicate fabrics are tested for possible shrinkage, bleeding and distortion
  • We select from a multitude of methods, often combining a few to bring out the best in your upholstery
  • Either a soft water or a pH balancing rinse to ensure a soft hand and stable colors
  • Final grooming of pile fabrics to set the nap.
  • An award winning attention to detail!

Our expert cleaning extends the life of your upholstered investments, increases indoor air quality and brings back their vibrant colors and soft touch. We will provide you with spot cleaning tips and maintenance suggestions to help keep your fabric looking beautiful.

We offer a variety of fabric protection products including Fiber ProTector of Norway. Ask for more details when you set up your appointment.

Mike’s involvement on the education side of the cleaning industry keeps him on top of the very latest in upholstery cleaning methods, solutions and equipment. He owns and operates the industry’s most popular and respected online discussion forum, which is credited for many positive and innovative changes to the industry. Mike also provides one on one training and hosts seminars and conventions around the country each year.

 For more great information on upholstery cleaning tips and maintenance click HERE.

Tile, Stone, and Grout Cleaning

Do your Tile or Stone floors need attention? Does your grout no longer resemble the color you spent so much time and effort to choose? Don’t spend all day on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, hire a Tile and Stone Cleaning Professional to restore and protect the original beauty of your stone and tile surfaces.

Our services include:tile before and after cleaning

  • Granite counter top cleaning, polishing and sealing
  • Etch mark and water ring removal
  • Re-caulking of tubs, sinks and showers
  • Replacement of missing or damaged grout
  • Fill holes in Travertine floors
  • Grout Color Sealing
  • Stone enhancing, protective coatings and sealers.

Connoisseur’s unique approach to tile and stone cleaning has us prepared to safely and effectively clean deep into your porous stone and grout. We use a variety of both alkaline and acidic cleaning agents, mechanical and hand operated scrubbing devices, contained pressure washing systems and all sorts tricks up our sleeves that only years of experience can earn.

Our contained steam cleaning system is simply incredible on porous floors like Travertine and Limestone. Much like white carpeting, many home owners are finding that they are benefiting from annual cleanings. Mopping is just not enough and often times, is the source of the problem.

We’ll gladly show you an easy, economical system to maintain your flooring between our visits.

Give us a call to discuss your hard surface cleaning project today!

Fiber Protection

Fiber ProTector® is the most technically advanced and effective fiber protectfpaion system available.

We are the regional applicators of the world’s most advanced environmentally safe fiber protector for fine rugs and fabrics. Our product is designed to help keep fibers clean and stain free. This treatment will help to maintain
 a textile’s original appearance while extending it’s service life cycle. It has a long residual effect and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Fiber ProTector® has, for years, been the preferred anti-soil and stain treatment for numerous hotels, cruise ships, aircraft manufacturers, public transportation, theaters, corporate offices and custom made manufacturers of carpet and fabrics. Fiber ProTector® forms an invisible shield around textile fibers providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic matter, fluids, dust and debris that on unprotected textiles would result in permanent stains. Fiber ProTector® adds UV protection, it is bacteriostatic, reduces static electricity, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and does not affect surface texture or breath-ability.

Home Owners

Home owners use Fiber ProTector® for wall-to-wall carpet, cloth and leather upholstery and chairs, curtains and draperies, bed linen and blankets, rugs (including Oriental, Persian and Navajo).

Interior Designers

Interior Designers use Fiber ProTector® for hotels and restaurants, hospitals and institutions, shops and office environments, ships, planes, trains and buses, theatres and concert venues.


Fiber ProTector® products are used and approved for hospitals, retirement homes, doctors’ practices, hotels and exclusive restaurants, assisted living facilities, public areas, and conference halls.

Professional Care System

Through Fiber ProTector Carpet protection and Fiber ProTector Textile protection, we have developed a revolutionary system that encapsulates every fiber in the fabric. This prevents dirt and fluids from penetrating and sticking to the fabric.

Unlike most fabric protection services, Connoisseur does not farm out our spot cleaning service, rather we do all the servicing to protected pieces ourselves. Having been cleaning fine upholstery for 30 years, it is very rare come across a spot or stain we cannot improve.

All carpets and upholstery protected when new or not, will require maintenance. Fiber ProTector treatments will not keep spills and dirt from landing on a carpet or chair; it simply provides easy stain removal and reduced intervals of deep cleaning; thereby achieving considerable savings in cleaning and replacement costs. The net effect is that the original appearance can be maintained by routine cleaning.

Fiber ProTector will not affect the natural properties of textiles either in appearance or by feel. Unlike competitive Silicon based products, Fiber ProtecTor does not leave a film behind to attract soil.

For more information, click here